How to measure height with HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino

You know I’m a teacher and I measure my students height every year when school start. Sometimes with my old methods it takes long time and differentiate with the students’ real height. So I decited to make a height measure robot with Arduino. With this project HC-SR04 sensor Arduino you can measure people height. HC-SR04 is an electronic sensor that uses sound waves for detecting any obstacle or measure distance. I created a 3D wall-hanger for HC-SR04 and printed it with my 3D printer. I hanged HC-SR04 200cm height on the wall. And connected it with Arduino and LCD screen. I created code with a little Google search. After uploading code to Arduino Uno, now i can easly measure my students height.

If you want to make a height measure robot you will need:
1x Arduino Uno
1x 16*2 LCD Screen
1x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
1x HC-SR04 Long Wall Hang (
1x 16*2 LCD case (

First  print HC-SR04 wall hang and 16*2 LCD case with a 3D printer 0.2 resolution and %20 infill.
Put HC-SR04 to wall hang and mount 200 cm height on a wall.
Cable HC-SR04 and LCD screen to Arduino Uno
Mount LCD screen case
Upload code to Arduino
For best measure use a piece of thin cardboard.

For code:

This thing was made with Tinkercad. Edit it online

*HC-SR04 Ulrasonik sensör ve Arduino ile boy ölçümü.

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