A Tiny But Effective Tower Solder Fume Extractor

I soldering cables every day. A bad smell fume appear when i soldering. I searched for that fume and get shocked. That solder fume is very dangerous for our body. So I decided to buy a solder fume extractor. But hey i have a 3D printer. Why not make a one? I looked thingiverse and found so many extractor. But i have a little 12v blower cooling fan. I decided to make a new design. With this i created and build a simple, pocket size, tiny tower

solder fume extractor. It is tiny but has strong structure for extracting solder fume. You know solder fume could effect your health dangerously. So it’s suggested that using a fume extractor when soldering. There is various fume extractor. And I made my own solder fume extractor. You’r gonna love this little design. I designed it for my little blower fan. Items you will need below:

1x12v DC Blower Cooling Fan (https://goo.gl/sfwb9a)
2xM4*20 Screw and Nuts (https://goo.gl/UfsrLU)
1xActived Carbon Filter (https://goo.gl/VdsVeB).

After printing body cut 2 carbon filter dimesnsions of 35x75mm. Put them inside the body. For stuck them to grid put some cotton or paper towel shit behind them. Or cut some big filter and rol it up and put inside. Attach the blower fan to the body. And it’s ready. For mobile working you can use a 12V booster like that (https://goo.gl/BDFTc2) and you can connect it your powerbank. And enjoy it. Follw me for my new posts. Have a nice day.

Thingiverse page for this project: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3259438

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