3D Printing Line Follower Car and Ottobot for Rural Schools

Today we started a new project for five rural schools which include STEM education robotic set. With this project we made two robots. First one is simple line follower car working without any microcontroller(Arduino, Attiny etc.) and any sketch. It has two IR sensor which can give digital output, two dc motor and one LN298N modor driver. It’s working with 4 AAA batteries. It is simple but working very well. As soon as possible i wanna make a new video about it. Also we built Ottobot which can programmable through Arduino IDE and mBlock. We 3d printed five ottobot from our schools 3d prinders which are Anet A8 and Ender2. We assembly Ottobot parts with servo motors, Arduino Nano and other electronic components. We had a lot of fun with our project. Now lucky rural schools students can use robots for STEM education. I hope we will enlarge our project to all over rural schools in our city. The future will come brighter with STEM education.

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