How to Make A Line Follower Car Less Than $ 10 Without Arduino or Any Microcontroller?

Ottobot and Two Whell Line Follower Car

As you know STEM education method is very popular. With STEM education method students get engineering lessons when they in primary schools. Robotic and coding are important STEM education lessons. In robotic and coding lessons mostly teachers use a line following car and a coding robot. But they have a cost which some schools and parents can’t afford. So i decided to make a cheap line follower car for STEM lessons.

A line follower car mostly made with arduino or another microcontroller. Line follower car could have 2 or more line tracking sensor. It has simple versions and most complex speed versions. In this video i’m gonna make a simple a line follower car without arduino which will have only 2 ır line sensors.

We will need :

  • 2 6v dc motor and whells
  • A l298n motor driver
  • 2 ır line tracking sensor
  • 1 free whelly
  • A 4 aa battery bad with on-off switch
  • And 3d printed line follower car chassis.
  • Also we need a hot glue gun for sticking parts to 3d printed car chassis.

Before sticking dc motors solder wires to dc motors  first hot glue dc motors under the chasis

Wire dc motors to l298 n.

Hot glue l298n on the 3d printed chassis

Wire battary bad to l298n and hot glue

Use 5v dc out l298n to power ır line tracking sensor.

Wire sensors digital outputs to l298n in1 and in3.

Hot glue free wheel under the 3d printed chassis.

And finally put batteries and switch on.

Now you need a platform black painted and has white line on.

Your cheap line follower car is now ready.

Totally this line follower car cost is less than $ 10 dollars. If you made on of this please leave a comment and send me a photo of your car. Hope you enjoy it.

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