As a STEAM Teacher Which YouTube Channels Do I Follow?

As a steam lover teacher of course I watch lot’s of video about science, technology, robotics and etc. I learn new things every day with Youtube videos. Today maybe lots of people think youtube is an entertainment video platform but if you dig deep you can find lots of usefull educational videos. Thanks for those youtubers who spent their time to create new educational videos. In this post I will recommend you youtube channels that I watch.

13- Bill Gates: This channel is official Bill Gate’s Youtube channel. In this channel maybe you can’t find technological videos but you can see through Bill Gate’s opinions. Sometimes he recommend good books. Also he show us new ways about living on earth.

12-ElectroBoom: That channel is a created by a crazy Iran immigrant who lives in Canada. He looks like not brilliant but actually he is very clever. I watch his videos when I bored and enjoy them. He makes videos about electric and physics. Sometimes you can learn something new with him. You can follow him fur funny and informative videos.

11-Primitive Technology: I know that channel is not about today’s technology or STEAM, but you can see how it is hard to live in nature without any technology or equipment. When I watch this channel’s videos, I ask myself that “if i were in this situation how would i find a solution about problems?”. So, I can create new STEAM problems for my students. Also, this channel will give you a relaxing mode when you watch his struggle in nature.

10- BitLuni: That guy looks like some crazy but he is a good YouTuber. He makes sometimes collobrated videos and video conferences. He has videos about home automation, ESP, 3D printers etc. He makes funny educational projects.

9-Brick Technology: This is a talkless YouTube channel, but you can watch experimental LEGO technicks videos. You can see new LEGO projects and have fun. It is good for children’s too. Your students can do their own experiments with LEGOs at home with this channel.

8-Hay Kel: This is a teachers YouTube channel who makes videos about Arduino, Microbit, Esp32, Scratch, Python, coding, computing, mobile apps etc. The videos are short and highly informative. You can learn different thinks with this channel.

7-The Q: Another crazy Youtuber. The Q has talkless videos about new inventions and scientific. Videos mostly short but they are in decent quality. You and your students get new inspirations in this channel. I like his videos. They are funny and informative. I made some of his inventions and they are really useful. And the last one the owner of channel is Ukranian supporter.

6-Mert Arduino: Mert is a Turkish YouTuber (like me:)) But he makes his videos in English. He has robotic videos which made with Arduino, ESP32 and Raspberry Pi. His robotic projects are educational and useful. You and your students will enjoy them. He promise to followers making videos weekly.

5-RCLifeOn: A Danish Youtuber who makes mostly RC videos with a funny edit. He makes also 3D printing videos. You can learn some new stuff about RC and 3D printing with this channel. I like this guy’s videos, they are funny and informative. I think you will like too.

4-Tom Stanton: An English Youtuber who has brilliant ideas and motivated videos about engineering. He has videos about 3D printing, RC drones, RC Cars, electricity and etc. The videos are educational and informative. I tried some of his projects and they were successful. This channel will give you new ideas. I like Tom Stanton videos and i think you will like him too.

3-Peter Sripol: Finally, we arrive the last third of the list. Peter is a fantastic YouTuber who makes videos mostly about RC. But he also made his own plane too. He is a hardworking person. You can see it in their videos. His videos are funny and informative. He always thinks big and makes bigger. I like this guy and his projects. You and your students will love him too. I always wait him new videos and watch them immediately.

2-Great Scott: Scott is a German engineer, so he makes superior quality videos about electronics, physics, Arduino, ESP32, Programming and etc. He uploads new videos every Sunday. They are approximately 10 min long and vert informative. His channel has a huge video catalog about Arduino and coding. You can learn new tricks with them. Scott has respects of me and other Youtubers👏. A STEAN teacher should follow him.

1-DroneBot Workshop: And the top of the list. The top of my Youtube channels. Ladies and Gentlemens meet the DroneBot Wrokshop. This channel drives me crazy. I want to watch every video on it again, again and again. DroneBot Wrokshop channel is owned by William(he preffer Bill) who is from Canada. He has a fluent accent. His videos about 30-50 minutes long but they are very informative. If you learn something about robotic, arduino, sensor etc. and there is a video about it at DroneBot Workshop, you should watch it. Sometimes Bill makes projects about robotic. They are awesome. A Steam teacher should follow DroneBot Wotkshop and watch every video at it. He has a website too. You can visit it with click here.

That is my Youtube channel list about STEAM and electronics. I have some other Youtube channels(İlge İpek, Emre Konca, Lezzetli Robot Tarifleri, Murat Şen vd.) about electronics, arduino etc. But they are Turkish so i didn’t add them here. May be i do another list about them. See you in another post. If you like this article please subscribe my feed. Have a nice day.

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