Tinkercad: 3D Modeling, Arduino Projects and Fun

Tinkercad is a free online website which offer teachers and students very useful STEAM applications like 3D modeling and coding. It has a huge 3D modeling library. And all this features are free. Teachers can create free online account and register their classroom. After that students can login with their class nickname. Teachers can see what his/her students do with Tinkercad. Students and creators can collaborate too. 

Tinkercad has a simple and useful 3D modeling platform. It is easy to create 3D models with it. With Arduino and Microbit section students can create virtual robotic projects and can learn coding. Also teachers can teach electronic with powerful Tinkercad electronic section. I have a turkish video lessons about Tinkercad 3D modeling on my Youtube Channel.  It is awesome!  Give it a try today: www.tinkercad.com

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