Proximity Sensor With Raspberry Pi Pico W and HC-SR04

Hello, with this post i’m going to make a proximity sensor with Raspberry Pi Pico W and HCSR-04. Before this post i made several HC-SR04 projects like height measurement. And I used Arduino with HC-SR04. But now we will use Raspberry Pi Pico W. You know Raspberry Pi Pico W is a new microcontroller created by Raspberry. It is so small, cheap and has great specifications(Wifi, temp sensor etc.) . Everybody can easily code Raspberry Pi Pico W with MicroPython. And I decided make a parking sensro with Raspberry Pi Pico W.

In the beginning we need to collect some components. I used these components in this project:

1- Raspberry Pi Pico W

2- HC-SR04

3-Color LEDS


5-1k Ohm Resistor


7-Jumper Cable.

First we need to connect HC-SR04 to Raspberry Pi Pico W. I connected Raspberry Pi Pico W GPI2 pin to HC-SR04 echo and Raspberry Pi Pico W GPI1 pin to HC-SR04 trigger. And Raspberry Pi Pico W VSYS to HC-SR04 VCC and Raspberry Pi Pico W GND to HC-SR04 gnd. Now we done connection between Raspberry Pi Pico W and HC-SR04. You can see connection as seen diagram below.

Raspberry Pi Pico W , HC-SR04, LEDs and Buzzer Connection.(I now diagram has Pico without W )

After that i connected LEDs and buzzer. Buzzer to Raspberry Pi Pico W GPI15 pin, red LED to Raspberry Pi Pico W GPI16, yellow LED to Raspberry Pi Pico W GPI17 and finally yellow LED to Raspberry Pi Pico W GPI18. Also I connect LEDs’ katot to GND with 1k ohm resistor.

All the connections done. Now we will write code. First u have to install Thonny Python Editor to coding Raspberry Pi Pico W. For using Raspberry Pi Pico W you have to install MicroPython firmware to Raspberry Pi Pico W. For that press BOOTSEL button without connect Raspberry Pi Pico W to computer. After clicking BOOTSEL button connect Raspberry Pi Pico W via microusb cable to computer. A window with USB flash disk will appear on your computer secreen. At this point now open Thonny Editor and install micropython with Raspberry Pi Pico W libraries. I recommend don’t install unstable versions of MicroPython. After installation Raspberry Pi Pico W will automatically open in coding mode. Now you upload your code Raspberry Pi Pico W with Thonny Editor.

In this project i used special library which is easy to use with HC-SR04. So click this link and open MicroPython-HCSR04 github and download library. After that upload to Raspberry Pi Pico W in lib folder. Now you are ready. You can copy and paste code below to Thonny Editor and click run.

Running the code on Raspberry Pi Pico W
from machine import Pin
from hcsr04 import HCSR04
from time import sleep

sensor = HCSR04(trigger_pin=1, echo_pin=2, echo_timeout_us=10000)


while True:
    distance = sensor.distance_cm()
    print('Distance:', distance, 'cm')
    if  distance < 50 :
    elif 50< distance < 100 :
    elif 100 < distance < 200 :
    else :

If you have any question you can write it comments below. Hopefully you enjoy this project.

Finished Project

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  1. 2.satırda hata veriyor hcsr04 module yok gibi

    dediğiniz siteden indirdim hcsr04 kütüphanesini ama lib klasöründe rasberry pico w diye bir klasör bulamadım içine atmak için

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