Easiest Way to Solder Headers to Raspberry Pi Pico/W

In this blog post, I will talk about how to easily solder headers to Raspberry Pi Pico/W. As you know, Raspberry Pi Pico/W is a cheap microcontroller produced by Raspberry, around $4-6. It is a powerful alternative to Arduino with its dual core processor, 265 KB sram and 2mb memory. However, one of the reasons for being cheap is that these microcontrollers unfortunately do not have headers. Therefore, you have to solder the headers yourself. The effortless way to do this is to use a Raspberry Pi Pico/W compatible terminal.

Raspberry Pi Pico/W Terminal

You can get the terminal shown in the picture at a very affordable price. After properly placing the headers and Raspberry Pi Pico/W on the terminal, you can quickly handle the soldering work properly. Now you can set sail for new projects with this terminal. See you in another article. Don’t forget to subscribe to my page and follow me.

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